The function of the HICS Organizational Structure Board is to be able to track and
monitor the personnel changes within the Command Center during a drill or an actual
event. This is especially important during an after-hours scenario when personnel may
respond at different times and numerous personnel changes may take place. This
gives the Incident Commander a quick visual of what positions have been
implemented and who is filling those positions.  

HICS Organizational Chart enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the
System during a drill or actual emergency.  Since the early years of the HICS
system during the 1970’s, the structure has changed to become even more effective.  
The structure can also be managed and customized to fit your facility needs.  

Finally, there is a home on the Web where you can purchase made-to-order
Organizational Charts for your hospital or emergency operations center.  
The Mentor Ridge Company  /  PO Box 1120  /  Mentor, Ohio 44061  /  tel:  440.255.9260  /  fax:  440.974.9640   /  info@mentorridge.com

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The HICS Organizational Chart
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